Watch Media Onlineとは

  • 1. 時計を愛するユーザーを応援します。
  • 2. 時計の情報やニュースを集め、共有していきます。
  • 3. 時計を通じたワールドワイドなコミュニケーションを作ります。
  • 4. 時計の美しさや技術を追求します。
  • 5. 時計に関わる最新動向をリアルタイムに伝えます。



「Watch Media Online」は、こうした現状を少しでも改善するため、


What does “Watch Media Online” do?

  • 1. Supports the watch lovers.
  • 2. Gather watch related news and information and share with you.
  • 3. Broaden the watch community to global through the common hobby – watches.
  • 4. Pursue and convey the outside beauty and inside technology of the watches.
  • 5. Will share with you the latest news in the watch industry and community in real time.
It is a well-known fact that Japanese watch collectors are very sophisticated and have very matured taste.
But those Japanese sophisticated watch lovers have been always at disadvantage when compared with other developed countries for watch hobbyist.

For example:
・ Those daily news around watch industry and community are mostly in English or French, and it takes time for Japanese watch lovers to receive the full coverage.
・ Watch lovers community is much less developed than other watch hobby developed regions so that the watch connoisseurs gatherings to discuss the status quo of the industry or some specific brands and such are not held so broadly or openly, because of the difference of the culture including, but not limited to, the distribution system.

By resolving and eliminating these disadvantages in Japan will definitely further develop Japanese watch community and activities as a market, AND direct communication and sharing information among the users will definitely raise the activities in Japanese watch market and also surely leads to the higher level of the user service and customer satisfaction.

“Watch Media Online” will do the following to improve this situation, it will:
★post the new information, press releases, and event announcement – those which deemed beneficial for the watch lovers for free.
★feature the power bloggers to post new articles regularly to take the readers to the deeper knowledge and experiences.

Watch Media Online aims to make the Japanese watch scene more fun, more active, and more sophisticated and challenging to the brands (in a positive way that can spread to the world market) with those two big activities above + fun events for Japanese watch lovers.

Watch Media Online are :

  • Managed by Aseet Inc.
  • Editor in Chief : Yasushi Kitamura
  • Address : #404 Daiei Hatsudai, 4-59-3, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0053, Japan
  • Email-Address : info@watch-media-online.com